Blog 2“Erm.  Hang on?  Speak  . . . speak  in public you say?

“Let me just swallow my fear and choke on my cornflakes.  You want me to stand up in front of a group of strangers and talk to them?  Like give them a presentation?!

“Are you cuh-razy?

“I can’t speak in public!”

No, I am not crazy.  In fact . . . I am about to offer you the fastest ticket to success you could ever imagine.  You know Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the Golden Tickets . . . well speaking is YOUR golden ticket to success.

Look, I know for most people there might be a few fears to get over (although for the rare few there are none)  … but let’s imagine you’re the norm and not the exception and you do have a bit of stuff around speaking in public. That’s ok. Maybe you have a lot of stuff around speaking in public!  Because public speaking is (apparently) the number one fear that most people have.

Which is such a shame!   There are so many benefits to becoming a speaker – for your business, your bank balance, for your lifestyle AND for your own personal confidence – I can’t even cover them all in one mere blog post so I’ve highlighted the top 5 for you!

Read on . . .

The Top Five Benefits Of Public Speaking

1. Increased Self Confidence

Once you have mastered speaking in front on an audience, whether it be in front of a crowd of ten or a crowd of thousands, your confidence levels will go through the roof.  Do this, and you can do anything. You’ll be selling more easily 1-1. You’ll be more confident generally in life. True!

2. Reach More People

Do you have a vision which is close to your heart, a vision which could shape the world, a vision which could heal?  Yes?  Well stop holding onto it and start sharing it.

Does it make more sense to talk to one person at a time, or a roomful of people?  Which method will spread your vision faster?  Remember, a vision flies when you stand on stage.  You give it wings.

Allow yourself to fly.

3. Make More Sales

Regardless of what you are selling –  your ebook, your 3-day seminar, your coaching or your membership site, you will multiply your sales and in far LESS time when you speak to a hundred people as opposed to  selling one on one.

And I’m not just talking about “live”. You can also seak to groups online via webinar and teleseminars. There’s so much opportunity now.

This is a MASSIVE benefit of public speaking – the opportunity to make more sales in one sitting. It’s call leverage.  And it can make you a lot of money.  Fast.

4. Build Credibility

When you are on stage you become an authority in your field.  People look up to you.  Their opinion of you changes simply because you are standing on stage.  Strange but true!

Don’t ask me why- but as soon as someone stands up on a platform- they are automatically assumed to be the expert!

This credibility will open up more opportunities and earn you more recognition which in turn builds credibility and gets you more opportunities.  It’s a winning cycle.

(And it’s much faster than writing a book in my humble opinion!)

So time to get on it!

5. Make Big Money

I saved the best benefit for public speaking for last.

Public speaking is one of the easiest and best ways to make money.  Big money.   I’m not suggesting this will happen the first time round (although it can and it often does). However if you have researched your market, determined your niche, sent out a compelling message to this market, built a program with tonnes of value to it, then why not?

I see this happen all the time. One client, naturopath Louise Kershaw made just under $10,000 in one 90 minute talk selling a Weight Loss program she created. Trading advisor David Hunt sold $34,000 worth of training programs the very first time he made an offer from a webinar!

Could you do it too?

Go On . . . We all Feel The Fear – but Do It Anyway!

So, now you’ve seen the benefits of public speaking, why not go out there and stretch your comfort zone this week?

If you’ve never spoken at an event (but always secretly wanted to), is now the time to put your hand up? It doesn’t have to be huge!  A few people is as good as start as any.  Or if you’ve only ever spoken to smaller audiences, could now be the time to step up to the next level?  Or if you’ve spoken to large audiences, what could you do differently that will stretch you this week?

There’s always another step out there.  This week could just be the week to take it.  I dare you.

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