What do you have to do to create a great team around you?  The very first thing is to become a great leader.  A great leader will automatically attract a great team. Here in part 1 of a 2-part article on Leadership are 10 fabulous leadership styles to model.

  1. Courage
    The first major leadership style is courage. You’re not going to attract a team if you’re lacking in self-confidence or brave of heart.  You’ve got to be the one taking risks and painting the way forward for all your team.  
  2. Self-Control
    If you can master self-control you set a great example for your team.
  3. Fairness
    Fairness is another of the major leadership styles; without a keen sense of what’s fair for all your team members, you can’t hope to keep their individual respect.
  4. Decisiveness
    The more sure you are of yourself, the more you can lead successfully.  This applies to plans too – a successful leader plans for success.
  5. Doing More Than Required
    Another major leadership style – to lead by example, you must be willing to do
    more than you require of your team! 
  6. Empathy and Understanding
    Try to be in tune with your team.  They are all individuals and will work more effectively for you if they feel you understand them.  
  7. Master Detail
    Leadership is not just in the broad brush strokes, it’s in the finer details.
  8. Take 100% Responsibility
    The best leaders out there always take responsibility for the mistakes and shortcomings of their team.  If you try and shift this responsibility, you’re not going to be a leader for long.  If one of your team makes a mistake or fails at a task, it is you who must take responsibility for this.
  9. Cooperation
    Leadership calls for power and power calls for cooperation. There are 2 types of major leadership styles – and by far and away the most effective type of leadership is leadership of consent. The second type is by force and people who are forced will not follow a leader for long.
  10. Personality
    Leadership calls for respect.  Your team is going to love and support you more if they actually like you.  This does not mean be a people pleaser, it means be genuinely interested in your team members, listen to them and be the kind of charismatic and magnetic personality that people naturally want to be around.

 It’s clear looking at this simple list of major leadership styles that real leadership is all about the kind of person you are and the values you hold.  If you live up to these values then you won’t even have to hunt for your team – they’ll be attracted to you as if by magic.  Great leadership is not so much about ‘doing’ anything as is commonly thought.  It’s about ‘being’ someone special and when you’re that someone special, people will flock to work for you.

What’s Next?
I suggest reading this list a few times and being totally honest with yourself.  What qualities are you being and what are you not being?  Choose one quality of the list – the one quality that resonates with you – and make it your intention to be this quality as of today.  Great leadership begins with yourself.

Next week we’ll be looking at some classic leadership mistakes which you will definitely want to avoid!

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