Should You Display Your Prices On Your Website?

If you are like most business owners, this is a question you will ask yourself at least once. Should you attempt to head off time wasters by informing your site visitors of their investment upfront… or is it preferable to tackle the financial stuff only when you’ve had the opportunity to talk with them? Unfortunately, […]

Social Networking like a Pro

This week, Techie Guru, Vanessa Rothwell, shares her top social networking tips.   Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you have probably heard of Facebook and Twitter by now. These days you need to be on these sites from a business point of view even if it doesn’t interest you personally. You might think […]

How To Use To Track and Measure Your Links

This week’s BTS tip comes from our Tech Guru, Vanessa Rothwell. Use to shorten your links when you are pasting links on blog posts, newsletters, emails, facebook, twitter and more. Setting up your own free account allows you to track statistics of your links Customise your link to be “friendlier” To access Bit.Ly go […]

3 Killer Tips for a Website that Sells

By Vanessa Rothwell   As a speaker or entrepreneur you will at some stage be looking to set up a website about your business. As a student of Joey’s I would also assume you want to set up a lifestyle business, part of which includes building a list and selling products online which means you […]

Taking The Confusion Out Of Getting A Website

This post is brought to you courtesy of Vanessa Rothwell from Your Online Success As a speaker looking to get a website set up to develop an online presence to support your speaking business, here are the important factors you should consider. In this article we are going to take a look at the components […]