Public Speaking Tip: Use Video to Build Your List

Video is one of the best mediums to get your message across as a speaker and build your list. You would notice on this blog that I use it a lot. It allows people to connect with you at a personal level and start to feel like they know you. Then when you have something […]

How to get the Right Kind of Publicity for your Speaking Business

How do you get the right media attention for your speaking business? I didn’t really know, so I asked my good friend and Our Internet Secrets colleague and faculty member Sue Gardiner to write an article for me. Enjoy! Joey The 3 Biggest Myths About Free Publicity Busted By journalist & media & marketing strategist […]

Internet Marketing for Your Speaking Career

4 Strategies for Getting More Exposure Than Paris Hilton – Bare Minimum Effort without the Bare Bottom Internet marketing is not my game, but over the years I have learnt enough to make sure that when people hear about me and go searching online- they find me.  As a speaker I believe this is the […]

Public Speaking Tip – Get Yourself a Showreel!

I’m always asked “how do I get more gigs?”  Well the problem for most speakers is not that they aren’t decent speakers.  It’s that no-one knows they exist!  Which is why, for better or for worse you have to work at increasing two fundamentals: Your Celebrity Your Credibility Help people get to know you! You […]

Enhance Your Speaking Career with Good Copywriting…

Watch this Video Now… (for more like this and other free training subscribe to our Youtube Channel) Feature Article: Sales Letters That Fill Seminars-  The Big Idea! … with guest contributor – Pete Godfrey Sales letters that fill seminars is a BIG subject; too big for this small article. However, I’m going to give you […]

A hard earned coffee!

Greg and I with bags under our eyes at our local cafe in London re-caffeinating after a very very late night! I was up til 2am and Greg until 4:30 am ( and a quick sleep interruption due to video upload problems at 5:30am) last night.  We don’ft do crazy stuff like that very often […]