4 Steps To Attracting More Blog Traffic

It is a challenge attracting traffic to your blog posts. You spend time putting out well written posts, then feel disappointed if your analytics show you that hardly anyone is reading them. I’ve discovered that there’s a certain type of blog post that often attracts a LOT more traffic. So today, I want to share […]

Should You Display Your Prices On Your Website?

If you are like most business owners, this is a question you will ask yourself at least once. Should you attempt to head off time wasters by informing your site visitors of their investment upfront… or is it preferable to tackle the financial stuff only when you’ve had the opportunity to talk with them? Unfortunately, […]

Public Speaking Tips: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Audience

Here is the first of 4 Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Settle On a Niche For Your Speaking.  Are other people interested in this topic? First thing to determine is whether people are actually looking for information related to your topic, or buying products or services in this niche.  You will be surprised […]

How to Build Your Community Online for Speakers

  Create a great opt-in page to build your community using these great tips: Have a nice bold headline at the top with a benefit driven statement On the left, underneath the headline, a video of you discussing your free gift On the right, an opt-in box so people can join your database and receive […]

Internet Marketing for Your Speaking Career

4 Strategies for Getting More Exposure Than Paris Hilton – Bare Minimum Effort without the Bare Bottom Internet marketing is not my game, but over the years I have learnt enough to make sure that when people hear about me and go searching online- they find me.  As a speaker I believe this is the […]

Are You a Web Celeb?

Did you know that Forbes publish a “Top 25 Web Celebs” list?  While I’m not on there yet- I’ve managed to establish myself quite firmly at the forefront of the speaking niche, and I want to show you how you can do it in your area…  www.shiftspeakertraining.com/webceleb  In this free webinar I’ll pull back the […]