Is Selling From Stage Still Acceptable In 2014?

This week I received a great question from someone in my community. As it’s relevant to everyone who presents, I thought I’d share the question and my response with you here… “I did your course 3 years ago and initially had some success with following your 4 permissions and making an offer from stage. Recently […]

Are You The Master Of All You Survey?

I’m not talking about living on a grand estate with lots of staff here… or even spending your working days clambering around properties wielding a clipboard (I’m no expert in either!) But, I’m referring to the wonderful resource of online surveys that enable you to ask questions of your clients and prospects… and be granted […]

Public Speaking Tips: How to Handle Feedback

Recognise that every time you step on stage or put yourself out there, you are opening yourself up to feedback. Keep your energy in while hearing the feedback, and filter it based on Does this person want the best for me What is their experience or education in this area Make the choice whether to […]