3 Steps To Improving Your Business Cashflow

Cash is king as they say… and unless you keep a tight rein on the cash flowing through your business, every day will present another struggle, and you’re going to find it extremely difficult to grow your business! Many speakers focus on the turnover number… the amount they just made from stage… or the big […]

Does Cash Flow Consistently Into Your Business?

If there is one thing that can get a business owner yearning to return to their time in employment, it’s the uncertainty of getting paid regularly. When you’re owed money by a client, it can cause serious stress for you. There are still bills that need to be paid but if the cash just isn’t […]

Payment Plans – How To Manage Your Cash Flow

This tip comes from our General Manager, Donna Powell, who also happens to be a qualified accountant. Payment plans can be used to increase the market for your product They make your products more affordable Installments can be fixed or varied People can pay before or after service delivery Payment plans generally cost between 10-15% […]